Eco Printing

Greener Print Solutions

SAS Graphics are fully committed to the development of sustainable print solutions to reduce our impact on our environment. Traditional print solutions were heavily reliant on fossil fuel based products such as PVC and solvent based inks. Over the last five years we have been evolving our print processes away from solvent based inks towards water based Latex inks and fully recyclable or re-usable materials.

We now can offer a wide range of superior eco printing that reduce the impact to the environment while maintaining the high print quality our clients expect.

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UV Inks

UV curing inks are still the best option for printing directly to rigid boards and acrylics. The superior ink adhesion and UV resistance makes these inks suitable for all board printing applications. While not as eco as Latex inks our SwissQ UV inks are GreenGuard certified, VOC free and EN-71 compliant.

The UV printing process requires neither heating nor ventilation, which keeps the machines’ energy requirements low.

Because of the durability of UV inks the application of a PVC laminate is not required which reduces the use of PVC and maintains recyclability.

Latex Inks

The majority of our printing is now with Latex inks which have replaced solvent based inks, apart from the production advantages of being odour free and instant drying these inks are water based and have been certified by UL Ecologo and UL Greenguard Gold. Latex inks are biodegradable and do not soak in to the media in the same way as solvent inks which ensures the printed material remains recyclable.

We have partnered with HP for our Latex inks who ensure all packaging is fully recyclable. for more information about HP Latex inks and the environment follow this link

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Recyclable Materials

We have a range of fully recyclable printing materials that offer great alternatives to the materials used in the past. For many years products such as Foamex were the go to substrate for low cost, quality display printing but apart from being PVC based these products are not recyclable. Now we offer innovative new products such as Xantia and Dispa boards that are 100% paper based and recyclable. if your requirement is for outdoor use then materials such as Triaprint bubble board is the perfect alternative and is PVC free and recyclable.

Printed boards have in the past often required a laminate film to be applied for protection and these are still PVC based which also makes the product un-recyclable. We now offer a printed UV varnish which makes recycling possible and reduces our PVC consumption.

Our Eco Range of Materials

  • 100% Acid Free Paper FSC Certified
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 3.8mm fluted Board
  • Lightweight and Rigid
  • Indoor Use Only
FSC PVC Recyclable | SAS Graphics Brighton
  • 100% Kraft FSC Certified
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 6mm, 10mm and 16mm Fluted Board
  • Lightweight and Rigid
  • Indoor Use only
FSC PVC Recyclable | SAS Graphics Brighton
  • PVC Free and 100% Recyclable
  • Rigid and Very High Strength
  • 3.4mm and 5.7mm Thickness
  • Single and Double Sided Printing
  • Outdoor and Indoor Uses
PVC Recyclable | SAS Graphics Brighton
  • Lightweight Polystyrene Board
  • PVC Free & 100% Recyclable
  • Single and Double Sided Printing
  • 5mm and 10mm Thickness
  • Durable Indoor and Outdoor
PVC Recyclable | SAS Graphics Brighton
  • Quality Satin 200gsm Paper
  • 6 colour Latex Inks
  • Full Colour High Resolution
  • Custom Sizes & Discounts
  • fast Turnaround & UK Delivery
FSC PVC Recyclable | SAS Graphics Brighton
  • Blue Back 180gsm Outdoor Paper
  • Wet paste Application
  • Weather Resistant
  • Fade Resistant Latex Inks
  • Custom Sizes & Discounts
FSC PVC Recyclable | SAS Graphics Brighton

For poster printing we use paper that is FSC certified and by using Latex inks we ensure when finished the posters are still fully recyclable.

Self-adhesive vinyls are generally PVC based but over recent years PVC free products have evolved and are now of an equal quality to their PVC based equivalents. Where possible we would always recommend a PVC recyclable product.

Please fee free to call and discuss your project and how we can find a solution that works for you and the environment.

Environmental Policy

The key objectives of our environmental policy is to ensure the minimise impact on our environment by,

Assessing the environmental impact of all our products and services.
Continually research and develop new products to reduce effects on the environment
Minimise waste of materials and energy in all our processes.
Monitor waste and energy consumption to ensure best practices

Please contact us for our full environmental policy.

Energy & Waste Management

We strive to reduce our energy consumption where ever possible by using the most energy efficient methods of production and investment in energy efficient machinery. Our lighting is LED and all our electricity is from a renewable source.

All our waste materials are sorted and recycled by the Recycling Partnership who provide us with a Zero to Land Fill collection service. By ensuring we offer our customers the most environmentally sustainable printing options we further reduce the impact to the environment.